About Us

‘Watan Samachar’ is an independent news platform that tries to highlight the reality as it exists on ground and help promote a free thinking society. Our endeavor is to keep our readers updated about latest happenings through our website: watansamachar.com - urdu.watansamachar.com – english. watansamachar.com – Arabic. watansamachar.com With its ever gaining acceptance for its noble attempts, Watan Samachar has become one of the fastest growing news and information brands in India. Watan Samachar, which is run by Watan News International. From time to time Watan Samachar organizes Conference, Seminars, Interactive Meets, Panel Discussions and Workshops on the issues which have their impact on India of today and future. Few of the notable programs which were organized under Watan Samachar in the last few months are as follows: - Conference on”Social Media challenges before society”. A discussion on theimmense potential of Social Media in democratization of news and opinion making. - Panel discussion on "Role of Media in Ensuring Social Unity". The role which media can play to create a positive narrative of intra society harmony rather than playing on fault lines. - Panel discussion on “Has Muslim Leadership failed?” The historic delivery of political, social and religious leadership of Muslims and it's impact on current status of the community. - Conference on "Building Fences or Breaking Barriers -What a Republic ought to offer to its citizens?"

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